Monday, 30 May 2011

Surface Pattern Exhibition

Pictures of my display from the degree show.

Photo Shoot. Gulf collection 1

I wanted to do a photo shoot to show people what my dress looked like when worn as the print is quite detailed and I spent so long placing parts of the design to fit the body. I went to the Thames to shoot this story line as it was in keeping with the theme and I was looking for a bleak setting close to the water. No professionals were involved...but I was chuffed with the results and so grateful to poppy and james  for their help... : ) (fabulous model and other photographer)

Hungarian Flood Collection

The final collection I designed this year is based around the the hungarian resevoir that burst back in october 2010 flooding Hungary with a toxic red river. This was relevant to my previous collection whilst still enabling me to work with a different colour scheme and context. Most of this collection was made my hand using screen printing and hand dyeing the silks. I did also digital print imagery which was then screen printed afterwards , I like to combine modern and traditional techniques on fabrics to give them unique qualities.

Me and a 2x2m sample of screen printed silk satin.

A digital print design on crepe de chine. All these samples are pinned to mannequins, not actual garments.

Screen Printed , devored and dip dyed by hand.

work leading up to my final collections.

Samples from the Gulf collection.

T-shirt dress design in cotton jersey, digital print sample.

 Design printed on Silk Jersey material at the Silk Bureau.
This fabric is very luxurious and a tad pricey but worth it!!

Digital print which I then screen printed using Devore,
then dip dyed by hand.