Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ernst Haeckel

Im in love with these drawings and watercolours by Marine biologist Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), They are so detailed as well as combining both science and art.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Water and Oil

Here is some work from October/November 2010.

Since Septemeber I have been looking at the Oil Spillage of the Gulf of Mexico. This Political issue has given me fresh ideas and imagery for my work. The Photo shoot in Italian Vogue soon after the disaster also inspired my work which has a grungy feel about it as seen below.
Swansea Bay...

Painting using inks,waltercolours and salt as a resistant.

Mood board

Digital printed designs onto silks.

I used Devore which burns the man-made fibers leaving the natural fibers on this mixed silk for a floating/shadowed feather effect. The fabric is hand dyed using acid dye's and silk screen printed.

Devore and bronze black ink once again for this seaweed print.

Wild Flowers

The photographs  below are from Kew gardens and Hampton court in London where the flowers were beautiful in Spring 2010 which gave plenty of imagery towards this project. Fluid lines and colours based on trend reports created these prints which are designed for both interior fabrics and wearable fashion. Shirley Sherwood was an amazing artist whose work is exhibited at Kew as well as traveller Marianne North as seen below whose paintings are displayed in an old wood pannelled room which were painted around 1870 onwards from all over the world.

Painting onto fabric...
Ink drawing...grey scale.

 Mood boards and desk display...

Indian Fairytales

This collection  was inspired by Indian fairytale's with elephants adorned in jewels and patterns in an array of colours.The prints are best suited to childrens bedlinen and little girls dresses as shown.  These fabrics were created by digitally printing onto organic cotton after hand drawing the motif's and silk screen printing using acid dye.